Slide 1:1 Direct Treatment At Little Buddies, providing a family-centred service is our top priority. Goals will be reviewed and evaluated in collaboration with your family throughout the treatment process to ensure that goals are relevant and reflect your child’s current needs. Our goal is to see progress and growth through our services. Our OT sessions include: - 45-50 minutes of direct treatment with your child, including transition time

- 5 minutes of consultation with the parent for follow-up and to provide ideas/strategies to try at home

- 5 minutes of documentation – this is an essential part of the treatment process so the therapist can keep track of your child’s progress and plan for the following sessions.
We understand that no two families are alike, so we aim to tailor your child’s services to suit your family’s needs. Goals and priorities for treatment are developed in collaboration with your family, based on your family’s identified areas of concern and need. We aim to develop realistic, attainable goals that will make a real impact in the life of your child and family.

Slide School, Home, and Community Visits Collaborating and communicating with your child’s school or daycare team is essential to understanding and addressing the individual needs of your child in their learning environment. The transition to a school or daycare environment can be challenging for some children, presenting new sensory experiences, changes to familiar routines, environments, and people. Occupational therapists can work together with your child’s teachers and other school team members, including school psychologists, special educational assistants (SEAs), resource teachers and principals, to develop strategies that can be implemented in the classroom setting to help support your child to fully participate in all the experiences school has to offer. Ready to Start Services?