Funding Sources

Slide Autism Funding (1) Autism Funding – under 6 years of age: This program provides families with up to $22,000 per year, per child, to assist in purchasing eligible autism intervention services and therapies.

(2) Autism Funding – ages 6-18: This program provides families up to $6,000 per year, per child, to assist them with the cost of purchasing eligible autism intervention services and therapies outside of school. This funding is in addition to the educational program and special education services
The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) provides funding through two Autism Funding Programs: Learn More!

Slide EXTENDED HEALTH Many extended health care plans will pay for services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, and visits to registered psychologists. Check the details of your health care plan to see if this could be an option for your family.
Please note, we do not provide direct billing.
Learn More! At Home Program: Medical Benefits (AHP) The At Home Program (AHP) assists families with some of the disability-related costs of caring for a child with a disability at home. Children may be eligible for full program benefits or for a choice of respite or medical benefits.

The At Home Program provides assistance to families in two main areas:

1) Respite Benefits (age 18 or younger): allows parents to choose appropriate care options; and

2) Medical Benefits (age 17 or younger): provides a range of medical equipment, supplies and intervention services.

Slide Click here for eligibility information and more! Variety – The Children’s Charity of BC - Children and youth aged from 0-19 years,
- B.C. or Yukon resident for a minimum of three months with a valid Health Care Card,
- Qualified special need (medical/developmental) as recognized by a designated professional,
- Financial circumstance that limits the ability to afford the item or service required,
- Total net household income of up to $65,000 per year.
Variety provides direct help to children with special needs in British Columbia with funding for: - Medical care and services
- Mobility equipment and specialised therapies
- Education and experiences
Variety offers grants to children with special needs across B.C. who meet the following criteria:

Slide Learn More! CKNW Kids' Fund To be considered for assistance, applicants must meet the following criteria:

- Children whose needs/circumstances have been assessed and recognized by a medical/health/social/educational professional and for whom an application is supported by a brief statement indicating the problem/condition and recommendations,

- Children who don’t qualify for existing services provided by government-sponsored funding, or are on an extensive waiting list, have exhausted other sources of financial assistance, or who do not meet all of the government criteria,

- Children who are financially at risk. This definition does not exclude those children who have medical/social/educational impacts brought about by poverty. Gross household income is used to consider all requests for financial assistance.
The CKNW Kids’ Fund provides assistance for children with special needs and their families in B.C. Grants through this program can help to cover expenses related to specialized therapies, medical equipment, summer camps and education needs.