Slide What Our Happy Parents Think “I have known many providers of special services, but one stands out above them all: Keith Landherr. He did so much more as an Occupational Therapist than just provide proper exercises to improve my son’s Sensory Integration Disorder… he changed our lives for the good. He became an advocate, an ally, and a cherished lifelong friend.

Until we met and worked with Keith, I was stressed, confused, and over-extended, trying to understand my son, why he acted as he did, how to soothe him, how to help him, and how to deal with it all myself. His school didn’t understand. Other parents didn’t. Family didn’t. Books didn’t quite do it, either.
“Keith has been working with our son for years, and has been an outstanding therapist. As a result of Keith’s effective and kind therapeutic approach, my son has shown improvement in his flexibility, play skills, fine motor, and sensory issues. Keith is patient and sensitive to our child, while always vigilant for opportunities to challenge and teach him… we feel very fortunate to have Keith as an important aspect of our son’s program.” Then came Keith, who provided the missing links, the explanations, vital modeling on how to work with my son, showing us both what worked, providing the relevant reading materials to learn and share with his schools and caregivers; he created calm that was missing in our lives and gave us both knowledge, power and joy. My son was a baby and he consistently progressed working with Keith. Today, my son is a fine and budding young man, in no small part, thanks to the talent, dedication, decency, devotion, skill and professional guidance we got (and continue to get) from Keith. If your child has the chance to work with him, run – don’t walk – and don’t lose another moment without him in your child’s life. It will make all the difference.” - Dr. L. Kuslansky, Parent - John B., Parent